Question: What type of service does Peardio offer?
Ans: we offer services to assist you and your business in being the most efficient, the best in customer relationships, and provide to you the ability to focus on your mission and goals. Our services are designed to be extremely cost-effective, adaptable to changing needs and demands, and above all, they are totally under your control.

We define business process optimization as the out-sourcing of common business functions that normally consumes lots of resources: human, time, effort, money. One excellent example is the call center. We run your call centers to your requirements, expectations, metrics, and values. We do this at a major reduction in costs.

The major benefit of BPO is that the money, time, and effort saved are now available to you for other purposes. Such as strategic investments for your future, development of new markets, increased R&D for product development, and hundreds of other opportunities.

Also, this bottom-line benefit allows you to out-think, out-run, and out-perform your competition.

Question: How does Peardio's services benefit me?
Ans: Earlier we defined Business Process Optimization (BPO) as the out-sourcing of common business functions. This is simply the latest in application technology and follows a long term trend in ensuring your business survives the onslaught of business and market demands, changing customer perceptions, sales model advances, and the need to speedily adapt to changes.

Over the last several decades, we have seen major changes in how businesses are run. Pioneers such as  SAP redefined how businesses should be run. From custom-built computer-based applications that reflect the time-honored customary traditions of how old-style companies were run, we now have streamlined enterprise-wide applications that resulted in capturing exact positions at the end of the day.

More and more applications are now available to help your organization in the various aspects of sales, marketing, development, delivery, financials, and HR. In the past these applications have been designed for large corporations and have come with large price tags.

The benefits were not always in favor of reduced operating costs but did return a large measure of control, visibility into internal systems, and better customer interactions.

While the majority of applications still cater to large industry verticals such as oil&gas, state governments, and financial institutions, they are very costly to design, implement, maintain, and use.

Until now. Peardio’s BPO caters to small companies across a broad range of industries and in many different functional areas.

Question: Are services guaranteed?
Ans: We guarantee our work and strive for providing outstanding customer experience.