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    Business Process Optimization
    Outsourcing services to optimize your business for success
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    Global Support
    We can support you worldwide
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    Outsourcing Your Stressors
    Let us solve your biggest problems and eliminate your headaches
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    Increase Your ROI
    Reduce your Operating Expenses by outsourcing to Peardio
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    Lower Your Operating Expenses
    Our outsourcing solutions lowers your costs of doing business

Welcome to Peardio

PeardioTM is a silicon valley based company delivering variety of in-sourcing and outsourcing customized services tailored to your business needs. Peardio provides our clients with top quality call center, sales and marketing services to organizations 24 hours-a-day, seven days a week. 

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the art and science of outsourcing critical and essential services to third party suppliers.  This dramatically reduces operational expenses, improves customer relationship and scales dynamically to meet seasonal, product, and growth demands. 

At Peardio, we provide the best quality support ensuring 100% satisfaction of customer experience than other traditional call centers.  Our executive staff has years of experience in sales, marketing and support, servicing enterprise US clients with unprecedented support for over 30 years. 

Some of Our Core Features

Analytics and insight

Analytics and insight

Discovering patterns and trends in your data for future opportunities

Collaborative client relationships

Collaborative client relationships

Building better customer interactions for higher satisfaction

Customized solutions

Customized solutions

Solving your problems by meeting your unique requirements



We're not happy until you and your customers are happy

Strong customer focus

Strong customer focus

You and your customers are our first and only concern

Global expertise

Global expertise

We are a global provider and work around the clock and around the world. 


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Business Consulting

Tuning your current sales initiatives, advancing into the marketspaces of tomorrow, and assuring future success are keystones of Peardio. Let us help you turn business development into business advancement.

Technology Consulting

Take advantage of our decades of experience in high tech. Our services range from cloud initiatives all the way to big data, analytics, virtualization, disaster recovery, and other IT solutions.


Peardio provides a full suite of marketing services that converts prospects into customers, keeps customers happy and coming back, and finds new business opportunities. Let us help your future.

Business Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing reduces your operating expenses by using outside vendors to provide services essential to your business. By extending outsourcing to include other services you save even more thus allowing a greater ability on improving your business.

Call Center

Your call center is the lifeline to your prospects, customers, and supporters. They deserve the very best service and support. Peardio provides the ultimate in quality customer experience.

Custom Consulting

When all else fails and you cannot find an off-the-shelf solution, let us put Peardio's brainpower and solutions at your disposal. Give us your toughest, one-of-a-kind problems.


  • "Managed services industry is an extremely competitive industry and the one competitive advantage we have is providing the best level of support to our customers.  Peardio offers us incredible outsourcing services that allows us to provide that exceptional service to our clients.  We are truly happy with the level of support we receive from Peardio." Alex Touski, President, CEO of m9systems.


  • "We are a cloud storage provider and focus on our technical capabilities and rely on Peardio to help us with our outreach, marketing research and lead generation effort. We are extremely happy with the results we've seen through this partnership." Dave Logelin, VP Sales.


  • "We are a medium-sized online gift business and have struggled with meeting demands through the various holidays. We normally have to predict our call volumes months ahead and then to hire and train temps. We spend a lot of money repeatedly and were looking for a better solution. Peardio analyzed our problems and came up with a great solution. We outsourced the prospect question calls and the customer order process. We thus eliminated the need to hire and train for each holiday and saved a lot of money over the course of the past year. In addition, we had the benefit of using our otherwise occupied reps with dealing with the more complicated and lengthy transactions. Also, we did not have to worry about having enough resources to meet demand – Peardio dynamically added resources whenever we needed it. Peardio is now our partner for life."

    SMB customer testimonial

  • "We are extremely pleased with the level of support and cost savings." Alex Razmjoo, CEO


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