Marketing Support

PeardioTM provides a wide range of marketing support services for startups through established companies. Standard services include inbound and outbound marketing, collateral development, white paper development, PR interfacing, and social media presence. Advanced services include business development, sales management, and international growth.

Because marketing encompasses a vast range of processes, Peardio recommends that you speak with one of our experts to define the services you require. By doing so, we can ascertain the level of detail and development required. Then we prioritize them in a timely fashion in order to minimize cost and impact to your organization. And finally to deliver results for your success.

Peardio is   over the year promises to provide businesses with effective and research made marketing support that arguably one of the make away highly promising market dominance resources. Our vast experience in providing customer and business enterprise with standard services that are inbound and outbound marketing, core group of highly transparent proficiency and press release promotion, social media platform. Peardio is a  promising   fine tune source where large business corporate are achieving remarkable results and long stand relation with customers makes us the  edge over other  market competitor .

Peardio's most common marketing services:

  • Core Marketing
    • Product briefs, data sheets, FAQs
    • White papers, presentations
    • Marketing collateral
    • Public relations
    • Media and analyst support
    • Competitive analysis and inputs
  • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogs, forums
    • Content moderation
  • Social media analysis
    • Responding to requests for your products or services
    • Resolve customer complaints
  • Digital tasks
  • Direct response marketing
  • Inbound & Outbound
    • Market research & survey
    • B2B/B2C lead generation